Monday, 11 September 2017


Was there a time you were nervous or shy like when you do a speech in front of a big crowd of people,or when you get your name called at the shop on the microphone because your parents couldn't find you.I think that most people are nervous on their first day of school. But when you have no one to sit with,or when you don't know what to do or we're to go.

My first day wasn't that bad but the whole day feels like you're waiting for Christmas to come, waiting to go home. On your first day of school you may of talked on the mat and got told of well I know I did it is pretty usual, to talk on the mat it  is a really REALLY!! common thing because when you're little it is hard to sit down on the mat,well you could imagine a five year old sitting on a mat that would be crazy.

I bet you can remember your first day of school know matter how old you are, well you should because it is an awesome day why is it awesome and important day because it's a cool memory,and a day you become responsible,independent.

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