Thursday, 1 June 2017

science journal

Week 4:
This week we used the trebuchet. When we used the lighter ball it went lower but further. The heavier ball went higher and not so far than the lighter ball. The counterweight goes down and the throwing arm goes up. Then the sling with the ball flings up and then the ball goes. The counterweight is a box that you put things in and the more heavier the things are the further the ball will go. The throwing arm is the arm, when you pull the string out the counterweight will go down and the sling with the ball will go up. Then the ball goes flying.

I wonder if you can make the counterweight bigger and the frame + the arm bigger. That might make the ball go further.

My data gathering is multistructural because I'm not confident about the accuracy and reliability of my observations.

My inferences are multistructural. I'm not as confident about the logic of my inferences.

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