Monday, 29 May 2017

Science journal

This week we did a experiment on the trebuchet.
What we did is made a chart we put on it
Weight       Projectile       Distance
With the weight there was a force called gravity. When you put weight into the counterweight it goes down that is called gravity. The gravity pulls the counterweight down and makes the throwing arm go up. The first time we tried only put 4 weights in it didn't really go far  it went 8.2m so the next time we tried we put one more in so now there were 5 weights in the more weight we put in the the longer it goes and now it went 11.8m. What I learnt is that I now no that the heavier the counterweight is the longer it goes and also I learnt that there was a force in the counterweight called gravity.
My data gathering is multistructural because I had many ideas about the trebuchet.

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