Monday, 10 October 2016

Gaming speech

Have you noticed that people have been going mad about gaming?  Maybe it's COD, or Halo or even minecraft. Some people spend all day on their computers or play stations. They focus on the television and ignore people that talk to them, and after awhile their leak from staring at the television too long. They need to stop so they can go do more stuff and not be stuck inside all day and all night.

For me it would be terrible. I'm usually outside, playing with my friends next door. or even if I'm inside, I only play PlayStation or computer games for no longer than an hour.  People need to spend their day doing something different . People do need to get outside because it is not good for their brain. 

Most people should try new ways to get outside. One idea is to set alarm for hour and when it goes, get off quick so you won't play it longer than hour, otherwise it gets addictive.

Have you noticed that you can give personal information away on games without even noticing? On games like COD and GTA it is bad to give information away, because people can hack into your Facebook and Twitter. It is very important that you don't give any information away because people can see where you live and where you work. So don't give any information away. 

It is important to be careful when gaming. Make you sure you don't give out personal information and not to stay on it too long. You need to get outside, so try putting an alarm on and make sure that you get off quickly. You won't live a happy life if you play games all day, so enjoy other games not on a screen as much as you can.

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