Thursday, 7 July 2016


Some people may not be very welcome in New Zealand. 5% of people feel judged by their skin and their colour. It would make people feel sad and alone.

Prejudice is judging by people by their colour or the food and their culture. What if they did it to you? Would you feel stink? I would.

One day a little girl came to school in NZ from Iran and she walked in and a boy said “Do you have a bomb in  your lunch?”
And when she got older, she worked at a cafe and people said what country are you from and looked away when she said Iran
Some people are mean and whisper, laugh or people frown at immigrants. It’s not nice because this makes people feel excluded.

There  are many ways to make immigrants feel welcome, like handing out free tea and coffee or inviting people into your home. You could help them move in or just say hello or smile. People also should be friendly and play with them to make immigrants feel welcome.

It is important to make immigrants feel welcome because if they’re  from a different country they might not know what to do or what to think and people will say you can't do it properly because you’re from a different country. We need to change and be nice to people have moved here.

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