Thursday, 10 March 2016

The sneaky cat

                           The sneaky cat

He climbs up a curtain 
like a lion clawing against a tree
 and he sees a way to steal. 
He leaps down from up high 
walks around in circles 
what he was going to do next. 
A plan grows in his mind. 
“I will wait until they’re gone.”
 I wonder what he is going to do,
The sneaky cat.

I am learning to use simile and metaphor to help make my poem be more descriptive.

I am going well, but I make rhymes instead of metaphors and similes. 

My next step is to work on getting a simile or metaphor in my map.


  1. I like how you said he claws the curtain like a lion and all of the deataile great job.😊

  2. I loved the way you made me want to read more at the end like when you said I wonder what he is going to do it really got me thinking what he was he going to do was he going to steal the piticular thing he was ammming to steal. or perhaps was he going to get cought or even get distracted and forget about stealing anything I loved to read your Poem ��