Monday, 11 September 2017


Was there a time you were nervous or shy like when you do a speech in front of a big crowd of people,or when you get your name called at the shop on the microphone because your parents couldn't find you.I think that most people are nervous on their first day of school. But when you have no one to sit with,or when you don't know what to do or we're to go.

My first day wasn't that bad but the whole day feels like you're waiting for Christmas to come, waiting to go home. On your first day of school you may of talked on the mat and got told of well I know I did it is pretty usual, to talk on the mat it  is a really REALLY!! common thing because when you're little it is hard to sit down on the mat,well you could imagine a five year old sitting on a mat that would be crazy.

I bet you can remember your first day of school know matter how old you are, well you should because it is an awesome day why is it awesome and important day because it's a cool memory,and a day you become responsible,independent.

Monday, 3 July 2017

science journal

Science journal 6
This week we made a vortex wing. We made it out of paper and tape.
It is circle and there is a thin bit and a big bit. We discovered if we threw it from the thin side it would glide with the forces gravity thrust and drag. I wonder what would happen if we cut holes into it? My learning for gathering data is multistructural because i had many ideas. My learning for inferencing is also multistructural because I can gather more data from my writing and get more data.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Science Jrounal

Science journal week 5
This week I have been learning about gliding and flying.
I wonder if gliding helps bird fly?

I have also been learning about the four forces
They are    Drag.  Trust    Lift.   Weight
Trust is a forward force required to move a plane through the.
Drag is a force that acts against thrust and slows the airplane down.
Lift is a mechanical force generated by a solid object moving through a fluid.
Weight is a force caused by the gravitational attraction on the earth.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Wainui camp

At camp l was orienteering. It was so fun and it was so hard to climb the footpath. It was also a challenge because of the muddy footpaths but it was a fun challenge because I like to challenge myself and climb.

Search and rescue was one of my favorite activities.  I enjoyed the hide and seek  because you had to hide around the camping ground. Your team had to hide in a spot where no one can find you. You always have a walkie talkie on you because the other team had to ask you yes or no questions. An example is: are you by water?  Your team would reply yes or no.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Spooky story

Well, I should really start from the beginning. If you like terrifying stories, you are in for a win. One night I was staying with my cousins out on a farm, with loads of paddocks until the dead mountain. Sophie and I thought we might go on the trampoline, so I shouted “Sophie let's go!”  Five minutes later... We heard a deep slow grumble. I bounced over to Sophie and asked. “Did you hear that Sophie?”
“I think it was the dog,” replied Sophie.
“OK!” I replied.  20 seconds later... The slow grumble was back. “Sophie I'm not that sure that was the dog.” Sophie and I suddenly ran over to each other, we started to hug we were so scared. Our hearts were beating as fast as lightning, next we heard big loud noises, and more slow grumbling.  “What will we do Sophie?”
“I think that we should run to the door, or stay on the trampoline.” replied Sophie.
“Well, what should we do then, you're the oldest?” BOO “Ahhhhhh!!!” Screamed Sophie, and “OMG MUM!!!” Screamed Aaliyah. “You better be kidding right now, Mum you scared us out of our life's.” I said. “Well, anyway it's tea time girls.”

My self reflection

The punctuation was good in my story because I had no mistakes.

My story wasn't a cheeky story but it was meant to be. I did a spooky instead which  I think was better anyway. I was writing about a time when I was on my cousin’s farm. Sophie and I were walking  down the farm.  She showed me what the dead mountain was. The dead mountain is a place where the dead sheep bones go and the dead sheep. My cousin also said that it is a place to shoot my uncle's gun. But you have to have a parent with you.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

science journal

Week 4:
This week we used the trebuchet. When we used the lighter ball it went lower but further. The heavier ball went higher and not so far than the lighter ball. The counterweight goes down and the throwing arm goes up. Then the sling with the ball flings up and then the ball goes. The counterweight is a box that you put things in and the more heavier the things are the further the ball will go. The throwing arm is the arm, when you pull the string out the counterweight will go down and the sling with the ball will go up. Then the ball goes flying.

I wonder if you can make the counterweight bigger and the frame + the arm bigger. That might make the ball go further.

My data gathering is multistructural because I'm not confident about the accuracy and reliability of my observations.

My inferences are multistructural. I'm not as confident about the logic of my inferences.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Science journal

This week we did a experiment on the trebuchet.
What we did is made a chart we put on it
Weight       Projectile       Distance
With the weight there was a force called gravity. When you put weight into the counterweight it goes down that is called gravity. The gravity pulls the counterweight down and makes the throwing arm go up. The first time we tried only put 4 weights in it didn't really go far  it went 8.2m so the next time we tried we put one more in so now there were 5 weights in the more weight we put in the the longer it goes and now it went 11.8m. What I learnt is that I now no that the heavier the counterweight is the longer it goes and also I learnt that there was a force in the counterweight called gravity.
My data gathering is multistructural because I had many ideas about the trebuchet.